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I am currently going to Complete Care in Rancho Mirage. I am recovering from shoulder surgery to repair my torn rotator cuff. I am VERY satisfied with the care that Charles, Albert, and Erica have given me so far. I’ve been to other facilities and they do not compare to Complete Care! From my very first visit, I knew they take their jobs seriously, and want the best for their patients. They really work one on one with you, ask you questions, check pain levels, and most of all they very friendly and talk and laugh! I explained what my normal job is, and how physically demanding it is, so they knew what I’m up against when I am healed. I would totally recommend Complete Care to anyone! Thank you Charles, Albert, and Erica! I’ll see you on my next visit….

Susan H.

The dedication and knowledge of the people who worked with me were very comforting and inspiring. They gave me back my ability to work and care for my mother. I can only thank them many times daily.


I have had very good results since I began therapy with care therapy. My balance has greatly improved and I recommend friends to also come to this facility. Their technicians are well trained and very effective. I feel their help has had an excellent effect on my life.

Elizabeth F.

I have completed numerous physical and occupational therapies in my adult life. Charles and Albert along with the entire staff are the best team I have ever had. Their knowledge and compassion are above reproach. I would highly recommend this team to everyone!

Carl A.

I am in awe of the quality of care, knowledge, professionalusm, kindness and overall concern for helping me heal. I leave there not only physically better but psychologically wonderful too! What gifted therapists Charles and Albert are! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

Louise N.

I have been treated with the utmost kindness and genuine caring at the Rancho Mirage location. Charles is extremely knowledgeable about how the body works, especially about arm, hand and wrist injuries. He is sincerely concerned about your state of health. Charles consistently makes me feel comfortable at each session, especially when introducing a new exercise or treatment.Albert is great also! He works very hard, caring for each patient and always has an incredibly positive attitude. He greets you with a smile and his quick wit makes for a pleasant experience.

Nancy S.